I caught up with YA writer Angelina Singer today on the Author’s Cut. Her latest novel, Forgiving What I Couldn’t Change, released just a few weeks ago and is the second book in a duology. Featuring time travel, coming of age drama, relationship tangles, and more, Angelina thoughtfully weaves in a theme near and dear to her heart – namely, the emotional trauma of being bullied exacts a high toll, and making peace with the past is intentional, difficult work. While this series is a work of fiction, Angelina pulls from her personal experience and writes with sensitivity, humor, and hope, breathing authenticity into this whimsical tale.

Angelina Singer is a young adult/new adult author with several titles to her name. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Stonehill College in 2019, where she studied English, Music, and of course, Creative Writing. Angelina is currently a board member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors, managing their Young Adult initiative. In her spare time she enjoys crocheting, with a portfolio of work available for purchase on Instagram @asinger320, as well as mentoring younger music students at a local music store, where she has been studying guitar for over a decade. She views her writing as a way to simultaneously escape from and embrace reality. Follow her on Facebook @AngelinaSingerAuthor and Instagram/TikTok @angelinasingerauthor for exciting updates, exclusive content, and giveaways.