I am a feminist (I’m hung up on that whole “equal rights for all” kind of thing), independent scholar and writer (yes, finally found my calling!). I completed my Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of Texas, Austin and taught at California State San Marcos University in the department of Women’s Studies for five years before moving to Pennsylvania in 2007.

Since then, I have worked as a teacher, consulting anthropologist, started a dissertation writing blog (nerdy, but purposeful and rewarding), completed my first novel and started a second.

I am a writer. I write because I just can’t help it. I write, in the words of Anaïs Nin, “to taste life twice, in the moment & in retrospect.”

I am a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and I live in PA with my (incredibly supportive) husband and two amazing daughters.

I am most interested in reviewing works and interviewing authors of literary, mainstream, and upmarket women’s fiction with a focus on issues of diversity—race, class, gender, sexuality orientation and disability. [email protected]




I have lived in the South, Midwest and Northeast, but I have been in the Philadelphia area since 2011. I sensibly (ha) decided to let my very expensive law degree gather dust so I could pursue my love of writing. (If you are interested in constitutional law, you can read some of my legal articles here.)

Currently, I am finishing a novel set in West Philadelphia, about a struggling young mother who loses custody of her children, and the older woman who takes the children in. It was inspired by my experience working at a women’s shelter.

Not only do I love writing and editing, I love reading. I mostly read literary fiction, nonfiction, thrillers, and crime fiction (plus countless books of varying quality to my four-year-old son) and I look forward to sharing recommendations here.

I am most interested in reviewing books and interviewing authors of literary, mainstream, and women’s fiction, and nonfiction. [email protected][/column]




As a senior writer for BCB, I’m passionate about reviewing and conducting interviews and live chats on intelligently written books that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. I firmly believe this type of novel can be found on any “shelf.” My tastes are eclectic and range from various genre fiction to plot-driven literary works, along with well-written historical novels, enticing non-fiction, and not-too-gory thrillers. An author myself, my first novel is a speculative thriller entitled BRAINSTORM.

On occasion, I create sponsored posts on novels that fall outside my natural preferences. If you wish to learn more, please contact me at  [email protected]






I’m thrilled to be collaborating with these fantastic gals on my favorite topic – books! Our dining room has recently been turned into a library to accommodate my obsessive love for the printed word. And yes, writing is my day job! My HORIZON series has won seven independent book awards, including the Writer’s Digest Grand Prize in 2016. Please feel welcome to check out my author website and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. In addition to writing novels and short fiction, I’m also managing editor for the Inkitt Writer’s Blog.

I currently live in Rhode Island, a few towns away from where I grew up. I’m married with four creative, independent minded kids, and several lovable fur babies. My degree is in Classics from College of the Holy Cross, and for years I taught Latin at the Meadowbrook Waldorf School where I now serve on the Board of Trustees.

I love to read and review sci-fi, fantasy, military thrillers, horror, or an occasional historical fiction story with a touch of romance! Send me your genre fiction! [email protected]





I’m a young adult writer and archaeologist. By day I teach anthropology at a local college, and by night I write about the adventures of adolescence. My work in archaeology has led me to many exotic places around the world, including Belize, Ecuador, Peru, Fiji and Hawaii, which probably explains why I enjoy reading and writing about different places and times. For anyone who hasn’t picked up a “YA” book since they were a teenager, I encourage you to give it a try. It’s refreshing to see (and remember!) the world through young eyes.

I’m interested in young adult fiction of any genre, though I prefer contemporary and historical. [email protected]