As much as you love your home, you might be ready to leave it and go back into the world, but you might also be looking for a change in your career. If you are a book lover, there are some careers that are a logical extension of your love for books, or maybe you’ve written a book or two and want to go in that direction. Now is the time to leverage your passion into something that earns you money. Here’s some of the best jobs for book lovers. 


Of course, this is where most of us got our love of reading from – that English teacher who read Jane Eyre with such passion and started you on a journey you can never, ever stop. If you want to be a teacher, there are plenty of different options for you. There are companies like Teach for America that act as a non-profit to support teachers. You can see the Teach for America reviews online to get a feel for it. You could also be an elementary school teacher or work at a preschool or kindergarten, teaching children how to read at that very crucial level. It’s important that our children start their love of reading at an early age and this is all about making sure that they learn how to do it properly. 


It sounds a bit cliche but being a librarian does not just mean handling books, you can work with books in different ways. For example, you can recommend titles to people, work with old books, host reading clubs, and many other tasks. It is a very tight field, but you could become a part-time librarian, or even work in different parts of the library, such as being a social media manager to promote the library. 

Publishing Assistant

Some book lovers find it difficult being a proofreader or an editor, but a publishing assistant is a way to get you involved in the literary industry without needing to critique. It’s a job with a lot of flexibility. Sometimes, you can be asked to contribute by reading a book here and there, but the role is often like being a personal assistant. 

K-12 Editor

Short for “kindergarten through twelfth grade.” There are many editors for adult books, but one should not underestimate the power of a great children’s book. There’s a lot involved in being a K-12 editor because you have to consider the comprehension level of the reader, but also remember to not underestimate younger readers. Many people think it’s easier to work with children’s books but this is foolhardy. 

Event Coordinator

If you love books, have you wanted to work at BookCon in NYC or the National Book Festival in Washington DC? You could look into a position that takes care of the scheduling of authors, visitors or take care of the logistics. Being a coordinator is a different way to get yourself involved in literature and utilizing completely different skills. There are many roles out there, and all you need to do is keep your eyes peeled!


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