It’s always good to experience new things. And it’s empowering to push ourselves to do something different, even if it seems like a small step. For example, take books. If you typically read one type of book because you know it’s what you like, it’s time to change things up and find books that take you out of your comfort zone. Change can be scary, but you’ll never know what you like unless you give new things a shot. Check out our tips below to start!

Check Out The Publisher

First thing first, let’s take a look at the publisher. We’re sure you know the publisher that published most of your favorite books, so stay away from them for now. Some publishers are broad in scope, but most have a niche market – hence, the need to take a break.

But maybe you love wine? Then dive into wine book publishers. Perhaps, autobiography publishers seem appealing. If you mainly read non-fiction, then aim for fiction publishers. Just mix it up!

What About The Genre?

Now, we’re going to need to look at genres. If you’re typically someone who likes fiction and has no interest in reading non-fiction, that’s absolutely fine. There are other paths to broaden your reading choices. So, if you know that you’re the type that loves contemporary romance, why not try a psychological thriller? Or perhaps a fantasy book? You’re not going to love them all, and that’s okay! But on the flip side, you may discover you’ve been missing out all this time.

Reviewers Have Said…

Look at book reviews to help stretch out your reading comfort zone. You do not have to agree with their book analysis, but it might give you an idea of whether or not it’s something you want to read. For example, your friend might have read a book and recommended it, but you’re not intrigued. Then someone else online reviewed a novel and caught your attention. Follow the trail of your interest to explore new options and avoid others.

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful and now see some of the things you can do to discover new books that will bring you out of your comfort zone. Good luck!


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