It feels as if we’ve seen nothing but comic book movies for the last decade, and many might consider that it’s been even longer when you think of the likes of the Nolan Batman films and the Raimi Spiderman trilogy. Cinematic Universes are in, just in case you hadn’t realized it! But, when there is too much of a good thing burnout sets in. What to do when you’re feeling burned out by the cape and the cowl? 

Support Independent 

Independent businesses, or those not under the Disney or Warner Bros. umbrella, need your support to succeed. However, even those who consider themselves big comic book fans will avoid them because they don’t contain their favorite superheroes. 

That’s the point! You can’t expect to find new favorites if you don’t give other companies a chance. From this Deadline article with Dan Mintz of DMG Entertainment, you can see what exciting new options Valiant Entertainment offers. With gaining popularity for these smaller companies, there is more competition, which could drive Marvel and DC to take their productions to the next level – everybody wins!

Look For Something Edgier 

As much as we want to deny it, everyone grows up. It might be that your burnout comes from the fact that you’re just not as into comic books as you once were. However, this needn’t be the end of your experience. 

Edgier content, such as Watchmen or The Boys, will give you a fresh look at what a comic book can be when it tackles pertinent social issues that resonate. If these are a little too hardcore, Heroes can provide some relief, although it’s a little lighter and the quality seriously dropped following the Writer’s Strike

Revisit What You Loved

There’s a reason you fell in love with comic books and the movies that came from them. When feeling burned out, you may not have the energy to focus on a new release that introduces you to new characters, arcs, and themes. 

However, you might still need your comic book fix. This is the time to cozy up and revisit what you loved. This is especially true for the Marvel movies, which laid breadcrumbs hinting at the bigger picture during the initial phase, so you might just spot something you never realized before – old dogs doing new tricks!

Create Something New

Everyone has a story inside them, and if you’ve ever spent your weekends lamenting how there are no comic books that represent what you want to see, then stop waiting around and create them. You may not hit the heights of Cinematic Universes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. As long as you get a chance to tell your story, you can revitalize your love for the medium. 

A Bird or A Plane?

Sure, there are plenty of people who think it’s cool to disparage superhero movies, but even they cannot deny the cultural impact and enduring popularity of these Cinematic Universes. However, even the most fervent fan will experience burnout at some point, so it’s good to know there are solutions when you need to take a break.


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