No doubt about it, 2020 has not been a vintage year. During the chaos, we’ve all been looking for ways to detach and unwind a little, and in between reading and watching book adaptations, what better way to distract yourself than by watching an action-packed movie? There are many fun and exciting action movies that came out this year. Let’s look at some of the best of 2020 to add to your viewing list!

The Old Guard

Charlize Theron is quickly developing into an all-out action star, and anything she’s connected to is often well worth watching. We loved her in Mad Max and Atomic Blonde, and she’s managed to follow up these big hitters with an equally-great movie called The Old Guard, which came out in July. It’s a superhero franchise, so it’ll be best if you like that type of stuff, but either way, you’ll find some of the best action sequences of the year in this film. Plus, the premise of the movie is great — immortal killers doing their thing? Sign us up!


If you’re a Vin Diesel fan, then you’ll love Bloodshot, where the action man brings his best qualities to the fore. Vin Diesel aside, action movie lovers will find that there’s much to enjoy in this movie, which is an adaptation of a 90s comic of the same name. Diesel plays a marine who dies but then is brought back to life by the government — only this time with superpowers. Fans will be happy to know that Dan Mintz of DMG Entertainment announced that there’ll be a sequel, so we have plenty of Vin Diesel action to look forward to in the future!


There aren’t too many people who just seem built for a career as an action star, but Chris Hemsworth is just that. Having developed his action chops in the Avengers series, he switched gears a little with Extraction, which is set in a time and place that’s not quite as extraordinary as the Marvel Universe. Still, that’s not a criticism — this is a great movie that combines action with a thrilling plot. In the movie, Hemsworth’s character is all beatings and assault rifles as he works to keep a young child alive. Most definitely worth a watch on a Friday night!

The Hunt

It’s likely that the plot of the Hunt will make you intrigued enough to sit down and watch it. You won’t need to know who’s in the movie to add it to your list. So here we go: 12 people, none of whom know each other, wake up in a field with no understanding of how they got there. Confusion reigns, and then things become sinister when they find that they’re not there by accident: they are being hunted. Can they make it out? You’ll have to watch and find out for yourself. 

Wonder Woman 1984

The coronavirus pandemic meant that many movies that were scheduled to be released ended up getting postponed until next year. After all, it didn’t make much sense to release a movie if only limited numbers of people could see it! That’s just what happened with Wonder Woman 1984, which is a sequel of the movie that came out in 2017. However, fans may not have to wait very long — it’s rumored that the movie will come out on HBO streaming very shortly. That means that we should all be able to enjoy the movie in the run-up to Christmas, especially since it looks like it’s set to be a great family movie! 

The Return of Top Gun

We can’t create a list of the best action movies of 2020 without mentioning Top Gun: Maverick. Of course, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this movie won’t actually come out until summer 2021, and that’s a shame because it would have been a bright light in the dark year that is 2020. That said, it’s still exciting to look forward to. Even though details of the movie are unknown (though you can watch a trailer), we don’t need to know much more than that it’s going to be an awesome sequel to Top Gun, which, despite being more than thirty years old, continues to be regarded as one of the finest action movies ever made. 

We hope that with this list, you will have no trouble finding a movie that’ll put a happy end to 2020!


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