Red Rising by Pierce Brown is one of my all-time favorites! As soon as I cracked it open, I was instantly swept into a gripping and vivid world that blends fantasy with dystopia – two beloved genres for me. The depth of the characters and of the story itself immediately hooked me. It’s absolutely a must-read for any book lover who loves it when a book hijacks their time and thoughts!

In the brutal future of human expansion to other planets, a courageous underdog named Darrow rises against an oppressive caste system with a shocking secret to ignite a revolution that will change the course of history. As he infiltrates the ranks of the elite, he discovers the cost of power and the boundless potential of rebellion. This gripping tale of love, sacrifice, and the quest for justice will leave you on the edge of your seat, rooting for a new dawn.

Red Rising is a perfect choice for a book club because of its multifaceted layers that invite meaningful discussions. From its intricate portrayal of social hierarchy to its exploration of identity, loyalty, and rebellion, the novel offers ample fodder for conversation. As I delved deeper into the story, I found myself pondering not only the characters’ journeys but also the larger implications on society and power dynamics.

With its engaging plot and complex characters, Red Rising has the power to captivate and challenge your group. The dynamic world-building, heart-pounding action, and underlying philosophical questions make it an ideal selection that promises both thrilling entertainment and intellectual exploration. And BONUS PRIZE – it’s part of a series, so the fun can continue!

Please enjoy these book club questions that your group is sure to love! SPOILERS INCLUDED!

  1. Did Darrow’s transformation from a Red to a Gold impact you emotionally, given that the Golds are quintessential deceivers? What must it be like for him to become one? How would you feel if it was you?
  2. The Golds are master manipulators. How do characters like Octavia au Lune embody this?
  3. How does Darrow navigate his relationships with other characters, such as Mustang and Sevro? How do these connections influence his journey? What challenges does he have when it comes to trusting people?
  4. The Institute’s brutal trials play a significant role in the story. How do these trials reflect the larger themes of survival and ambition in the Red Rising universe?
  5. What role does loyalty play in the story? How does Darrow’s loyalty shift and evolve as the plot unfolds?
  6. The society in Red Rising is heavily stratified. Is this kind of stratification inevitable when resources are stretched? Does humanity lean more toward good or evil? What causes the cracks in civility that break society apart?
  7. How do characters like Darrow become symbols of hope for the oppressed?
  8. The concept of “obsidian” loyalty is introduced. How does the loyalty among the Howlers highlight themes of camaraderie and brotherhood? What is the dark side of loyalty, and how can it be manipulated?
  9. How does the author explore the idea of sacrifice throughout the novel? Which characters make the most significant sacrifices, and what motivates them?


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