During the pandemic, most businesses have been heavily hit by the lockdown. The blogging industry has also suffered a big hit, but not in the way you would expect. There are millions of blogs, with hundreds of millions of readers. There is no shortage of eyes looking at screens and reading great content. The issue is not having enough products to market and or sell. Since supply chains have been disrupted and sometimes, outright halted, bloggers haven’t been able to do reviews as frequently as they would have liked. But all’s not lost, you can still keep in touch with readers despite the pandemic, which is the main way to keep your blog alive.

Write a conversation

One of the things that keep readers coming back is your writing style. We believe that the best type of writing style for bloggers is the conversational style. This is pretty much just speaking normally. It does include some speech patterns like ‘erm’ and ‘ah’ but don’t worry. Just limit that as much as you can but don’t feel the need to vanquish such space-fillers altogether. Write like you’re explaining something to a friend, such as telling them about something that happened to you. You can veer off track for a little while and describe something related to the plot, but then come right back again. The conversation should feel fun and engaging!

Be inspiring

Bloggers that can energize their readers are going to have the same kind of loyalty, that newspaper websites enjoy. Readers want to leave your blog, feeling as if they have either learned something or can better use their own knowledge. So write in a way that inspires them to better their life and themselves. Whether that is by making a workout plan for yourself, sticking to it, updating your fans on your progress, or just writing about an inspirational story. 

Appreciate receiving mail

Maybe before this pandemic, you loved to receive fan mail straight to your home. However, now, that is not possible. So we recommend that you use something like www.physicaladdress.com where they have professionals who open and scan your mail, sending it to you via email. They only allow their trained staff to do this, so you won’t be having your mail opened by a third party somewhere that is not related to the service. 

Add a video

The bottom line is, every single website that has video content will be pushed higher up the SERPs. This is why bloggers need to get comfortable in front of the camera and upload video content along with their normal content flow. Anything like an update, a review, or a blog about your day could do very well.

Ask for comments

Hey let’s be honest here, sometimes our blogs don’t get the comments we think we deserve. That’s okay, one way to break the deadlock is to just ask for them. Ask for comments at the start of your blogs and at the end of it to encourage people to leave at least one or two sentences.

Bloggers are facing a lot of challenges but they have a business that is virtually recession-proof if tweaked properly. What other things do you think would help your blog stay popular in the current climate?


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