Cursed Crowns coverLooking for your next YA fantasy novel? Try Cursed Crowns, which is the second book in the Twin Crowns series. The story opens with sisters Rose and Wren at their coronation. They’re becoming queens of Eana. (The first book is about how these twins, separated at birth, come to know each other and realize their fate.) Rose was raised at the palace and was trained her whole life for this role. Wren, on the other hand, was an outcast—a witch who’d been raised by her beloved grandmother, Banba. Though the coronation should have been a unity event, bridging the gap between witches and others, that’s not how everyone sees it. A rebellion begins to form, and the sisters take different approaches to quashing it.

Rose opts for the more tried-and-true political choice of a visit through the realm, hoping face time with her citizens will warm them to her. Hotheaded Wren takes off, choosing to travel to hostile Gevra to get her grandmother back. She’d been kidnapped by Gevra’s king, and Wren needs her guidance and safety to move on with her new role. While there, she’s asked to do magic that has serious consequences. The central question is: will the sisters unite the kingdom before it’s too late?

One of my favorite elements of the book is the sisterly dynamic. I expected the typical (and tragic) tale of twin leaders, who usually come to loggerheads and turn on each other. Though Rose and Wren have different personalities, their love for each other is a nice change. Both have romances which kept me interested in the sense that I’m generally a sucker for pining. That said, the stakes in this book are high (keeping the palace/not getting murdered), so the lighthearted romance subplots could be considered a welcome break or a distraction, depending on the reader’s taste. That said, if you’re in the market for fantasy, give Cursed Crowns a try!


Catherine Doyle and Katherine WebberAbout the Authors:

Catherine Doyle & Katherine Webber are both bestselling and award-winning writers of YA and children’s books. In addition to cowriting Twin Crowns, they are soon to be sisters-in-law.

Catherine grew up in Galway in the west of Ireland by the sea. She is the author of the Blood for Blood YA trilogy and the middle grade Storm Keeper trilogy. She currently lives in Ireland with her fiancé, Jack, and their dog, Cali.

Katherine is from Southern California and spent much of her childhood in the Palm Springs desert. She is the author of Only Love Can Break Your Heart and The Revelry. For younger readers, she also cowrites the Sam Wu Is Not Afraid and Dragon Realm series with her husband, Kevin Tsang. She is currently based in London with her husband and young daughters.

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