New York Times bestselling author Victoria Aveyard has another hit on her hands! Best known for her uber-succesful Red Queen series, she’s embarked on a new journey with a new cast of characters in Realm BreakerThe mother of the heroine Corayne an-Amarat is a ruthlessly capable and beautiful pirate queen, but Corayne’s strengths lie elsewhere and are distinctly her own.

After begging her mother to bring her along on one of her seafaring adventures and being refused, Corayne finds the thrilling life she seeks when she learns from an immortal and an assassin that she’s the only living descendent of a prophetic line. To make things even more interesting, it turns out that the fate of the Realm rests squarely on her shoulders.

Corayne is both smart and insightful, but she’s not the warrior princess we find in many YA fantasy novels. The eclectic group who bands together to help her on her quest is equally atypical. There’s Dom the sweet and slightly dense immortal, Sorasa the kick-butt assassin, and Andry the earnest squire, to name a few who compose this quintessentially lovable team.

Just like Corayne, the story is smart not fierce, thoughtful not rash, and proceeds with an intelligent pace indicative of mind-games over non-stop action. Aveyard has done something different here, and we think it’s just terrific! Realm Breaker is the perfect read for YA fantasy lovers looking for something that crosses new boundaries, and we heartily recommend it.


Victoria Aveyard is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Red Queen series. She lives in Los Angeles, where she works as an author and screenwriter. You can visit her online at